Sunday, June 22, 2008

please knock, lady luck!

Three 50 bills and one 20 bill. This is what my mom gave me last Chinese new year. They say such gifts will bring good fortune to the recepient. I hope she's right.

But then months had already passed. Maybe luck is not what we deem it to be. Maybe it's just something that tips the scale. Just like in competitions, exams, or even interviews, you don't just pass without making an effort. Perhaps blessings don't just go knocking on our doors. Maybe we need to go out and search for it. And hope up above that with LUCK, we will find what we are searching for. Opportunity may knock once or twice but it is we who opens the door.

So as I journey to find success on this endeavor, I'll start small - beginning with a small fortune that may bring me closer to lady luck.

I hope in time, this 170 will soon be a million!

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