Thursday, August 13, 2009


Fell victim again, sigh! But like they way Life is a continuous learning process!

This time, I signed up for a Data Entry Site ( which promised a minimum of $5 per task and I immediately completed 1 survey. Of course, just like before, as I participate in these sites, I also try to research on them and once I found substantial proof that they are inclined to be a scam, I stop participating and voila! you'll see those sites here hoping that more people will be aware of these scammers.

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Proofs shown here are second hand information

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scammers of the PTC business: RICHPTC.COM

Of course I had it coming. Just this morning, I signed up for countless paid-to-click (PTC) sites hoping that I would get extra income on line. But then again, some sites especially those with great promise of wealth should not be easily trusted. And as a heads up to fellow PTC fanatics, I will give warnings here as I see fit. Everyone's welcome to contest especially if you are related to the company or if you have proof otherwise.

The first site that I lost my faith in is RICHPTC.COM
I have attached proof in this post and I'm hoping you guys will contribute more details on this.

(Taken from this forum)

Additional Reference:

Proofs shown here are second hand information, I'm still working my way up to $1000 on non busy days to see for myself and provide first hand proof.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Save up"... Slow down...

Okay. So far, everything I planned has been a great disappointment. But of course I'm not giving up just yet. I found something that I think is working for me. I'm able to save up a bit but in a very dogged way. Well, like they say, the more the merrier... I mean, slowly but surely.

Yep, a couple of months ago, I signed up for a "Save up account" offered by the same bank who takes care of our payroll. It's all good. I just enrolled my salary account to automatically transfer funds to another account. It's just a few hundred bucks per payday but it's really working for me. And if I haven't spent my whole salary, I just transfer the remaining to that account.

I hope that in just a few years, I can use this money for another venture, probably ;p

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st project - write a chicklit

We're done with the thoughts... finished with the drama (for now)... This moment is the time for actions! For my first project, I will try, no, I will start writing a novel! Nothing big time for now, my target is to write a chicklit. It's more of your average romance novel rather than the best-selling ones... No James Patterson here yet... hahaha...

My friend said that this publisher usually gives out about 5000-7000 payment per story... The story will be about 100-150pages... Hmm, I wonder how long it will take me to write that... Sigh... I need help... I need inspiration... I need to resign from work and focus on this...

Nope, bad idea. I can't leave work. I don't have money yet for insurance. Plus, that's an easy 13K to lose... I can't afford to lose my job... So, I guess I'll need to work extra hours to get this done...

Wish me luck.

please knock, lady luck!

Three 50 bills and one 20 bill. This is what my mom gave me last Chinese new year. They say such gifts will bring good fortune to the recepient. I hope she's right.

But then months had already passed. Maybe luck is not what we deem it to be. Maybe it's just something that tips the scale. Just like in competitions, exams, or even interviews, you don't just pass without making an effort. Perhaps blessings don't just go knocking on our doors. Maybe we need to go out and search for it. And hope up above that with LUCK, we will find what we are searching for. Opportunity may knock once or twice but it is we who opens the door.

So as I journey to find success on this endeavor, I'll start small - beginning with a small fortune that may bring me closer to lady luck.

I hope in time, this 170 will soon be a million!